Make Your Silver Screens Foolproof !

With KIOT’S Smart theatre solution, we want to help movie theatre owners leverage the power of IoT to perform live audience verification in their theatres and hence detect and prevent ticketing fraud and revenue loss.

The Problem

Rampant Ticketing fraud

Ticketing fraud is a major problem in the movie distribution business. Many internal and external sources do dubious activities that cut into your revenue. Illegal distribution of tickets which do not appear on the official log, deflated report of actual number of tickets sold are just a few issues in theatre fraud. Over time, this cuts into your profit margin and creates a huge financial loss.

Our Solution


Real-time Occupancy Detection

  • Precise tracking technology: Each seat is fitted with a precise occupancy tracking sensor that tracks seat occupancy constantly. 
  • Interactive web portal: View seat occupancy in your movie hall in real time and after the movie premiere in our web portal.
  • Occupancy analytics: Compare tickets sold and portal seat occupancy numbers to detect any discrepancies. 
Our solution is designed such that you can view real time seat occupancy as well as detailed seat occupancy reports even after movie show ends. This allows you to prevent theatre fraud and subsequent revenue losses, hence have better control over theatre operations.


Detailed audience count reports

View Detailed audience count reports for all movie shows with their respective show timings. Filter and review past seat occupancy reports flexibly, say the last one week or a month.

Easy Integration with API’s

Integrate KIOT's Smart seats solution with your existing ticketing software through API’s. No need to make major changes to the existing software.

Intuitive seat verification portal

Use the portal with ease. It has a simple & intuitive graphical layout that replicates the cinema hall occupancy with the unoccupied seats highlighted during the movie premiere.

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